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Service Manuals from Marcucci Italy
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.  If for some reason these manuals are unavailable from Icom, email me and I'll send you the file... Looking for a schematic or block diagram?  These service manuals generally contain both.  
ICOM AT-120 approx. 11.587 kB
ICOM CM-60A approx. 14.000 kB
ICOM DS-100 approx. 2.987 kB
ICOM FF-88 approx. 13.136 kB
ICOM FP-561 approx. 2.984 kB
ICOM GP-22 approx. 5.761 kB
ICOM IC-02A/AT/E approx. 10.516 kB
ICOM IC-03AT approx. 16.885 kB
ICOM IC-04A/AT/E approx. 12.908 kB
ICOM IC-2A/AT/E approx. 7.823 kB
ICOM IC-2GA/GAT/GE approx. 11.709 kB
ICOM IC-2GXE/GXET/GXA/GXAT approx. 13.877 kB
ICOM IC-2iA/E approx. 14.325 kB
ICOM IC-2SA/SE approx. 17.550 kB
ICOM IC-2SAT/SET approx. 17.550 kB
ICOM IC-2SRA/E approx. 23.705 kB
ICOM IC-3SAT approx. 16.170 kB
ICOM IC-4GA/GAT/GE approx. 14.910 kB
ICOM IC-4KL approx. 8.062 kB
ICOM IC-4SA/SAT/SE/SET approx. 17.817 kB
ICOM IC-4SRA/E approx. 23.716 kB
ICOM IC-12GAT/GE approx. 15.172 kB
ICOM IC-24AT/ET approx. 14.448 kB
ICOM IC-25A/E approx. 14.706 kB
ICOM IC-28A/E/H approx. 14.907 kB
ICOM IC-32A/AT/E approx. 17.346 kB
ICOM IC-38A • IC-48A/E approx. 26.089 kB
ICOM IC-47A/E approx. 17.494 kB
ICOM IC-77 approx. 24.706 kB
ICOM IC-78 approx. 12.225 kB
ICOM IC-125/T/TM approx. 10.719 kB
ICOM IC-228A/E/H approx. 18.705 kB
ICOM IC-229A/E/H approx. 15.505 kB
ICOM IC-271A/E/H approx. 23.936 kB
ICOM IC-275A/E/H approx. 29.514 kB
ICOM IC-281H approx. 15.083 kB
ICOM IC-290A/E/H approx. 26.506 kB
ICOM IC-375A approx. 28.427 kB
ICOM IC-435/T/S approx. 21.336 kB
ICOM IC-449A/E approx. 17.162 kB
ICOM IC-475A/E/H approx. 23.841 kB
ICOM IC-575A/H approx. 20.724 kB
ICOM IC-706 approx. 29.737 kB
ICOM IC-706MKII approx. 24.709 kB
ICOM IC-707 approx. 26.048 kB
ICOM IC-720A approx. 21.741 kB
ICOM IC-725 approx. 11.937 kB
ICOM IC-726 approx. 10.016 kB
ICOM IC-728 approx. 12.794 kB
ICOM IC-729 approx. 14.353 kB
ICOM IC-730 approx. 30.781 kB
ICOM IC-735 approx. 26.060 kB
ICOM IC-736 • IC-738 approx. 38.293 kB
ICOM IC-737 approx. 24.497 kB
ICOM IC-737A approx. 25.100 kB
ICOM IC-740 approx. 42.285 kB
ICOM IC-745 approx. 18.761 kB
ICOM IC-746 approx. 50.708 kB
ICOM IC-751 approx. 27.736 kB
ICOM IC-751A approx. 31.414 kB
ICOM IC-756 approx. 48.786 kB
ICOM IC-756PRO approx. 18.156 kB
ICOM IC-761 approx. 37.357 kB
ICOM IC-765 approx. 31.993 kB
ICOM IC-775/DSP approx. 60.137 kB
ICOM IC-781 approx. 56.455 kB
ICOM IC-820H approx. 48.750 kB
ICOM IC-821H approx. 45.164 kB
ICOM IC-900A/E approx. 61.711 kB
ICOM IC-901A/E approx. 68.790 kB
ICOM IC-970A/E/H approx. 34.068 kB
ICOM IC-1271A/E approx. 38.947 kB
ICOM IC-2000/H approx. 15.605 kB
ICOM IC-2340H approx. 26.428 kB
ICOM IC-2350H approx. 14.024 kB
ICOM IC-2400A/E • IC-2500A/E approx. 26.776 kB
ICOM IC-2410A/E/H approx. 26.164 kB
ICOM IC-2700H approx. 24.088 kB
ICOM IC-2710H approx. 29.343 kB
ICOM IC-2800H approx. 3.514 kB
ICOM IC-3200A/E approx. 20.268 kB
ICOM IC-3210A/E approx. 16.301 kB
ICOM IC-3220A/E/H approx. 21.844 kB
ICOM IC-3230A/E/H approx. 23.977 kB
ICOM IC-4008A/E approx. 1.197 kB
ICOM IC-4008MKII approx. 1.197 kB
ICOM IC-A2 approx. 9.362 kB
ICOM IC-A4E approx. 8.421 kB
ICOM IC-A20 approx. 11.679 kB
ICOM IC-A20MKII approx. 14.145 kB
ICOM IC-A21 approx. 12.436 kB
ICOM IC-Delta1A/E (IC-D1A/E) approx. 7.683 kB
ICOM IC-Delta100H (IC-D100H) approx. 14.910 kB
ICOM IC-F3/S • IC-F4/S approx. 2.667 kB
ICOM IC-F4SR approx. 9.590 kB
ICOM IC-F10 approx. 14.105 kB
ICOM IC-F20 approx. 13.248 kB
ICOM IC-F30/LT approx. 17.970 kB
ICOM IC-F35 • IC-F45 approx. 14.018 kB
ICOM IC-F40/LT approx. 16.650 kB
ICOM IC-F310 • IC-F320 approx. 17.979 kB
ICOM IC-F410 • IC-F420 approx. 17.849 kB
ICOM IC-F1010 • IC-F1020 approx. 17.496 kB
ICOM IC-F1500 • IC-F2500 approx. 28.670 kB
ICOM IC-GM1500/E approx. 12.377 kB
ICOM IC-H6 approx. 8.301 kB
ICOM IC-H8 approx. 9.516 kB
ICOM IC-H10 approx. 11.949 kB
ICOM IC-H10SR approx. 13.250 kB
ICOM IC-H11 • IC-U11 approx. 19.286 kB
ICOM IC-H16 approx. 13.404 kB
ICOM IC-H16T approx. 14.158 kB
ICOM IC-H16TMKII approx. 10.066 kB
ICOM IC-H18 approx. 15.833 kB
ICOM IC-H19S1 • IC-H19S2 approx. 14.815 kB
ICOM IC-H21T approx. 17.313 kB
ICOM IC-H28 approx. 16.341 kB
ICOM IC-M1/Euro approx. 11.489 kB
ICOM IC-M2 approx. 8.627 kB
ICOM IC-M3 EURO approx. 6.453 kB
ICOM IC-M5 approx. 10.163 kB
ICOM IC-M7 approx. 13.090 kB
ICOM IC-M8 approx. 23.561 kB
ICOM IC-M9 approx. 11.671 kB
ICOM IC-M10A/E approx. 12.379 kB
ICOM IC-M11 approx. 14.384 kB
ICOM IC-M12 approx. 13.513 kB
ICOM IC-M15/E approx. 11.124 kB
ICOM IC-M25D approx. 5.389 kB
ICOM IC-M45EURO approx. 1.174 kB
ICOM IC-M55 approx. 19.129 kB
ICOM IC-M56 approx. 8.427 kB
ICOM IC-M57 approx. 11.568 kB
ICOM IC-M58 approx. 20.018 kB
ICOM IC-M59 approx. 13.558 kB
ICOM IC-M80 approx. 15.145 kB
ICOM IC-M125 approx. 17.550 kB
ICOM IC-M126DSC approx. 25.557 kB
ICOM IC-M127 approx. 17.806 kB
ICOM IC-M500 approx. 18.573 kB
ICOM IC-M501EURO approx. 4.433 kB
ICOM IC-M600 approx. 15.735 kB
ICOM IC-M700 approx. 25.193 kB
ICOM IC-M700PRO approx. 27.574 kB
ICOM IC-M700TY approx. 25.598 kB
ICOM IC-M710•GM-110DSC•AT-130E•PS-66 approx. 47.920 kB
ICOM IC-M710RT approx. 12.952 kB
ICOM IC-M800 approx. 20.673 kB
ICOM IC-Micro2A/AT/E (IC-΅2A/AT/E) approx. 20.993 kB
ICOM IC-Micro4A/AT/E (IC-΅4A/AT/E) approx. 20.448 kB
ICOM IC-P2A/E approx. 16.119 kB
ICOM IC-P2AT/ET approx. 16.693 kB
ICOM IC-P3AT approx. 15.189 kB
ICOM IC-P4A/E approx. 16.030 kB
ICOM IC-P4AT/ET approx. 12.032 kB
ICOM IC-PCR100 approx. 2.047 kB
ICOM IC-PW1 approx. 4.377 kB
ICOM IC-Q7A/E approx. 9.090 kB
ICOM IC-R1 approx. 10.525 kB
ICOM IC-R2 approx. 1.014 kB
ICOM IC-R10 approx. 15.902 kB
ICOM IC-R70 approx. 12.390 kB
ICOM IC-R71 approx. 31.345 kB
ICOM IC-R72 approx. 10.689 kB
ICOM IC-R100 approx. 41.589 kB
ICOM IC-R7000 approx. 22.728 kB
ICOM IC-R7100 approx. 35.235 kB
ICOM IC-R9000/L approx. 49.310 kB
ICOM IC-RP1210 approx. 6.665 kB
ICOM IC-RP1220 approx. 21.624 kB
ICOM IC-RP1510 approx. 20.040 kB
ICOM IC-RP1520 approx. 16.060 kB
ICOM IC-RP1620 approx. 16.329 kB
ICOM IC-RP4020 approx. 16.533 kB
ICOM IC-RP4520 approx. 16.980 kB
ICOM IC-T2E/H approx. 1.357 kB
ICOM IC-T7A/E approx. 11.199 kB
ICOM IC-T7H approx. 1.556 kB
ICOM IC-T8A/E approx. 11.561 kB
ICOM IC-T21A/E • IC-S21A/E approx. 19.314 kB
ICOM IC-T22A/E • IC-T42A/E approx. 19.799 kB
ICOM IC-T81 approx. 2.458 kB
ICOM IC-U2 approx. 17.134 kB
ICOM IC-U8 • IC-U8S1 • IC-U8S2 approx. 9.663 kB
ICOM IC-U16 approx. 11.943 kB
ICOM IC-U16T approx. 15.101 kB
ICOM IC-U16TMKII approx. 10.675 kB
ICOM IC-U18 approx. 14.943 kB
ICOM IC-U21T approx. 17.595 kB
ICOM IC-U68 approx. 7.484 kB
ICOM IC-U81T approx. 17.416 kB
ICOM IC-U101 approx. 9.212 kB
ICOM IC-U200 approx. 24.731 kB
ICOM IC-U200T approx. 14.668 kB
ICOM IC-U210T approx. 27.694 kB
ICOM IC-U400 approx. 17.560 kB
ICOM IC-U810T approx. 21.930 kB
ICOM IC-V21AT approx. 27.006 kB
ICOM IC-V68 approx. 10.030 kB
ICOM IC-V100 approx. 17.475 kB
ICOM IC-V101 approx. 8.263 kB
ICOM IC-V200 approx. 21.475 kB
ICOM IC-V200T (68 ~ 88MHz) approx. 18.207 kB
ICOM IC-V200T (146 ~ 174MHz) approx. 17.755 kB
ICOM IC-V210T approx. 26.322 kB
ICOM IC-V220 approx. 18.924 kB
ICOM IC-W2E approx. 10.963 kB
ICOM IC-W21A/E approx. 30.233 kB
ICOM IC-W21AT/ET approx. 30.865 kB
ICOM IC-W31A/E approx. 13.096 kB
ICOM IC-X2A/E approx. 16.336 kB
ICOM IC-Z1A/E approx. 14.024 kB
ICOM MR-40 approx. 20.609 kB
ICOM MR-61 approx. 22.876 kB
ICOM MR-610 approx. 25.115 kB
ICOM VP-21 approx. 8.468 kB

Icom secret resetting and repairing procedure:
Does your radio at turning on say "bee, bee, bee" than silent?
Or silent anyway? Display shows an error message ?
Yes, you have lost data in the radio's EEPROM!
Don't panic ;-) it's easy to repair...

1.Take a another radio, the same model.
Read the radio by his RSS, than save it.

2.For Icom IC-f3, 3xx series: on the
RSS window choose "model", than 'cursor down', than type "reserve",
than <enter>...
If you use a Windows RSS, click on HELP then ABOUT CS..

Soon as you open that window , type on the PC keyboard: "reserve"
Reserving indicator will blink at right hand.

3. Connect the broken radio, then hit "write radio".

Owner's Manuals from Icom America
You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.  If for some reason these manuals are unavailable from Icom, email me and I'll send you the file...
Amateur Radios Instruction Manuals



Avionics Radios Instruction Manuals

  Family Radio Service / General Mobile Radio Service (FRS / GMRS) Instruction Manuals

 Land Mobile Radios Instruction Manuals


Icom Programming software et al.
You must email me for this stuff.
(Just click on the link for auto eMail generation...)

·         IC-F3; IC-F4

·         IC-F300; IC-F310; IC-F320; IC-F410; IC-F420  

·         Schematic for IC-F3; IC-F4  

·         IC-F3/F4 

·         IC-F310S (no LCD display.)

·         Icom 1000; Icom 1020  

·         IC F1500/F35/F45  

·         ICOM IC-2800  

·         IC-F30/F40 (rev.1)(rev.2.3)  

·         IC-M58 (ver 3.0 marine radio)  

·         IC-M710 (rev 1.0 marine radio)  

·         IC-M59 (rev 1.0 marine radio)  

·         ICOM IC-F35/45 & IC-F2500 trunked radio

·         ICOM IC-M127 (rev. 1.0)  

·         ICOM IC-M45 (rev. 1.0)  

·         IC-M3A/EURO  

·         IC-M700 PRO (rev 1.0 marine radio)  

·         IC-S40  

·         Moc nadajnika w Icom-4008  

·         Icom IC-2100 Extended TX Mod  

·         Icom IC-F300 Rev.1-2  

·         Icom IC-2710  

·         Ic-q7a.zip  


·         CS-R10  

·         IC-T2A, IC-T7A, IC-W32A (for windows)  

·         F10/F20  

·         IC-T8  

·         IC-T81  

·         IC-F1000  

·         Icom reset  

·         Icom CS - F3G  

·         Software to program the Icom IC-R2 scanner  

·         Icom CS-F11 (Rev 1.2)  

·         Icom CS-F11 (Rev 1.2) (Full version, Adjust included)  

·         Software for new ICOM radios IC-F110, IC-F111,
  IC-F210, IC-F211, ver 1.2

·         Icom IC-2720H dualbander (right password inside !!!)   

·         Icom IC-F300 series service manual   

·         Icom IC-F3GT-GS series service manual   

·         Icom IC-735 HF transceiver control software   

·         Icom R7000 receiver control software   

·         Icom IC-T90, IC-E90 software   

·         This is software for IC-PCR1000 wide band receiver calibration  

·         Software for IC-F510, 521, 610, 621(password inside)   

·         Software for IC-F30GT(GS),IC-F40GT(GS), version 30,
 (password inside)

·         Programming manual for IC-F3, IC-F4 series radios   

·         Software for IC-V8 series (password inside)  

·         Software for IC-M88 series (password inside)   

·         Software for new ICOM radios IC-F110, IC-F111, IC-F210, IC-F211, ver 1.3  

·         Software for new ICOM radios IC-F110S, IC-F111S,
  IC-F210S, IC-F211S, ver 1.3

·         Service manual for new ICOM series F110  

·         Software for ICOM radios IC-F310, IC-F320, IC-F410, IC-F420, ver 1.2  

·         Software for ICOM radios IC-F310S, IC-F320S, IC-F410S, IC-F420S, ver 1.2  

·         Software for ICOM radios IC-F1010, IC-F1020, ver 1.2  

·         Software for ICOM radio IC-M802  

·         Software for trunkimg module for ICOM radios  

·         Software for ICOM radio IC-M710  

·         How to expand IC-320S, IC-F420S from 4 to 8 channels   

·         Adjusting Software for ICOM IC-F100 series   

·         Adjusting Software for ICOM IC-F100S series, version 1.2   

·         Software for ICOM IC-F1000 series, v1.2   

·         Adjusting Software for ICOM IC-F100 series   

·         Adjusting Software for ICOM IC-F3 series   

·         Adjusting Software for ICOM IC-F30 series   

·         Adjusting Software for ICOM IC-F500 series   

·         Software for ICOM IC-A3 radio   

·         How to repair EEprom error in ICOM radios   

·         Software for UT-105 smartrunk logic board for ICOM radios   

·         How to open wide band at IC-T90 radio   

·         Windows software for IC-2100H   

·         Schematic of IC-F30LT programming connector  

·         Software for IC-F30LT, IC-F40LT radios   

·         IC-F420 service manual   

·         RSS for IC-M45, IC-M45euro radios   

·         IC-F3S schematic diagram   

·         IC-M45, IC-M45 EURO service manual   

·         IC-400 PRO cloning software, version 1.0   

·         IC-R3 receiver software   

Cable schematic diagrams

·         Programming Cable Kits for IC-Q7A, etc.  

·         icprog.zip

·         IC-R10.gif  

·         Icom OPC1122 schematic, this cable needed to program
  ICOM IC-F100 series mobiles

Can't find what you need?  Email me...